Girls 17U (11th) EYBL NIKE


17U Girls (11th Grade) EYBL NIKE

Aggie McCormick (Head Coach)

Cell: (703) 220-7356

Bob Dix (Assistant Coach)

Eran Horodniceanu (Assistant Coach)

Mike Wills (Assistant Coach)

Larry Gray (Assistant Coach)

Chay Sheggog (Assistant Coach)

Meet Coach Aggie! 

Coach Aggie McCormick has coached AAU/Travel basketball for more than 29 years, and is the Founder of the Fairfax Stars AAU/Travel basketball program.  The Fairfax Stars are one of only 32 Nike-affiliated teams from across the country.  In 1996, Aggie started the Fairfax Stars basketball program in an effort to provide more opportunities for girls and boys in our community to be able to compete at the AAU level. She based the program goals and objectives on a fundamental commitment to teach players a wide range of skills while also improving their knowledge of the game. The Fairfax Stars is a volunteer, community based organization that has served more than 7,000 families since its beginning.  2019 represents the 23rd year of Fairfax Stars basketball in our community.

Coach McCormick loves the opportunity to teach and inspire young women and has enjoyed success throughout her career…both on and off the court.  Aggie played in high school and college, and brings a unique combination of knowledge and experience to coaching. She teaches her players fundamental skills and how to execute on the court, but she also spends a lot of time teaching her players about the game itself and instills an understanding and knowledge of the game of basketball. She stresses positive reinforcement and seeks to expand her players’ love for the game.

Aggie has served as the volunteer Executive Director for the Fairfax Stars since the beginning.