U11 (5th) Maroon


U11 Boys (5th Grade) Maroon

Rodney Carmichael (Head Coach)

Twelve years of successful, competitive-level basketball experience as a coach, trainer, and role model for highly competitive basketball programs. He has a successful track record for developing talent and mentoring student athletes toward high academic achievement. He has extensive experience managing athletic programs, recruiting, and developing talent at the collegiate, high school, varsity, and junior varsity levels. Coach Carmichael is actively involved in faculty, athletic, and student affairs committees at Marymount University.


Assistant Coach-Penn Troy

Wm. Penn Troy is from Mullins, SC. This will be his second year with the Stars. His overall motto or goal is when it comes to basketball, practice, or games is that defense wins games. “If we can limit our opponent to just 2 points, then all we need is 3 to win.”  He expects to see kids work hard to improve on their skills, and develop mentally & athletically.

Team Roster

24 Rodney Carmichael
2 Tre Troy
4 Quad Troy
51 David Boehm
10 Colin Haas
21 Amaan Lewis II
33 Carter Spera
35 Mert Uyumazturk
25 Amonte Williams
1 Jacob Jones
3 Nicholas Sacadura
0 Steven McDowell