U13 (7th) Black


U13 Boys (7th Grade) Black

Dereck Franklin (Head Coach)


Cell: 212-729-8514

Dereck Franklin is a Northern Virginia native, and has lived here for most of his life.   He played basketball at Chantilly High School, as well as at Boston University, and George Mason University.

Dereck has been coaching his sons’ basketball teams for the past four years in the Vienna basketball league.  As a coach, he has a strong dislike for plays and believes that strong offensive and defensive fundamentals are the key to success.  Over his life and basketball career, he has found that the only way to learn is by making mistakes, therefore, he continually challenges his players to embrace their weaknesses in the hopes of turning them into strengths.

Team Roster

#0 Themba Chika
#1 Boston Boinski-Dowd
#2 Christopher Balle
#3 Tyler Henzelmann
#11 Miles Franklin
#13 Jae Gowdy
#22 Michael Murphy
#23 David Faulkner
#33 Ryan Vietmeyer
#34 Andrew Valentine
#35 Deven Patel